Quad 99 amp vs. 909

Has anyone had the chance to compare these two amps. Besides power, is there much of a sonic difference?

Thanks for the input.
in a word 'no'....all quad amps have the same sonic character, and are quite good.
Thanks JRD- I use the 99 pre-amp and amp with my Spica TC-50 speakers (every time I listen to other speakers for upgrading, I appreciate the Spicas more) and sub.

I've never had a chance to demo the 909 and hear the sonic difference, if any, its "current dumping" circuit would have.

How would you describe the quad amp sonic character?
the spica tc50's are classics..actually better than the 60's...this combo is what hi fi is all about..matching classic components for great music.

I bought the 909 over the 99 for use with Sonus Faber speakers -- there are some significant differences. The 909, along with its increased power, control and headroom, has a more colourful and dynamic sound with a smoother top end. The 99 can seem more "sparkly" on first listen but lacks the control and tonal colour of the 99 -- in my system anyway. You'd have to try them both, and they share a family sound, but the 99 is an excellent amp; the 909 is a great one -- again, in my system. The 909 and 99 have widely reviewed and these may help you decide -- but I'd hear both. I live in the UK and don't have access to the Absolute Sound but apparently the 909 is one of their favourites.

good luck,
I have the 909, never heard the 99. All I can tell you is this amp has a beautiful midrange, a grainless top end and never sounds strained. Reveiwers seem to prefer the 909. Dont know what led me to the Quad, but Im very happy with it. One note: mine took at least a month to 'burn in'. I know some dont believe in this, but this was my experience while comparing it to an other good amp. The bass was suspect at first, now it sounds excellent.