QUAD 989 problem.

One of my QUAD 989 ESLs has developed a problem. With no signal input, there is a squeeling, sputtering sound which meanders quickly all over the panel. I don't see any signs of sparking, so I'm assuming that this is a power supply, rather than a panel, issue. Does anyone know a source for 989 schematics or other service info? Any help or leads will be greatly appreciated.
I would contact Wayne Picquet at Quads Unlimited in Longwood, FL. 407-260-6448 or wpkae87@aol.com. I have never dealt with him, but have read a lot of positive information on his Quad expertise. I am currently the 2nd owner of some 989s which I have had for about 6 months; so far no problems. I love the speakers even compared to my Harbeth SHL5s. Good luck-Mark
Thanks for your quick response. I'll be following up on your suggestion this week. Until I get the 989 up and running again, guess I'll be listening to my old ESL-63 USA Monitors again. Glad I didn't sell them off when I got the 989s. Thanks again for your input.
Dschoener, I'm curious. How do the ESL-63s compare to the later model 989s?
Hi Rrog,

Bass extension is the only significant difference I notice. I was using subs with the 63s. I don't feel the need to use the subs with the 989s. But then I don't listen to much organ music.

My Quad 989 is emulating yours. There's popping and beats from one speaker. Can you please tell me what you had to do to repair yours?
Thank you.