Quad 988 question ?

What is the best amp for a pair of Quad 988 speakers ?
All opinions are welcome.
quad ss or tube is nice.
hi, any otl amplifier is fine for any quad, i'm using the new quad 2805 sound fantastic.
If you don't have alot of money to spend, get yourself an Aragorn 2004. I couldn't believe the synergy with the Quads. Yes, tubes are nice. Power is nice. Something with around 50-100 watts per side is nice. I liked my Cary SLM70's pretty well. You really want a dynamic amp though. If only one could afford CAT's!
I am using a Rogue Cronus with my Quad 2805s. It is an EL34/KT77 based amp and seems to be a great match and an excellent value. Mine is wired in triode and puts out about 30 - 35 wpc. If you look into the Cronus, consider having Mark O'Brien do the upgrades including caps, resistors, power supplies, wires, tube sockets, triode operation.

I auditioned the Quads with Mac SS gear, which was a little more dynamic and tighter bass, but seemed a bit flat and lacking dimensionality.