Quad 988 mod review

Category: Speakers

I had my Quad 988's modded by Kent McCollum of Electrostatic Solutions. He swapped out the factory input electrolytic cap for North Creek Zen film caps and Sonicap bypass caps. Along with a few other things.

I had mentioned to him before the upgrades, I felt like the mids were lacking. Especially noticeable when listening to female vocalists when singing with a band. The instruments would drown out her voice (an exaggeration of course), like her mic was turned way down.

Now. The female vocalist has been brought forward on the stage and is part of the band rather behind. Major improvement and very noticeable. Her voice is natural now, in balance and tone.

Overall, instruments are more focused and clearer. I can hear more of the overtones from acoustic strings. Very natural -- closet to the real thing I have heard from my system.

Highs are very articulate now also. Cymbals are crisper and really ring naturally.

Horns are incredibly focused and accurate. Its amazing the depth of the overtones heard from brass and woodwinds.

Its like I'm listening to a whole new system -- I'm really stunned at how major the improvements are
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