Quad 988/989 Reliability

Looked at the thread on this subject done last year and there were some questions about quality control/reliability.

Would appreciate some feedback from owners who have purchased the speakers in the last year.

Kana 813 -

I was the originator of last year's thread on this subject. I ultimately purchased a pair of Innersound Eros (active) speakers, and I have never looked back.

The Innersound addresses (successfully, I believe) all the "deficiencies", of "limitations" of the Quad. They are virtually indestructable. Can play loud, and can handle lots of power, yet they are reasonably efficient. They do not have (nor do they need) protection circuitry, so you can crank them up without fear of a "shut-down". With the active version, the electronic crossover allows you flexibility to adjust tonal balance, so they are much less sensitive to room placement than Quads. In fact, they can be placed fairly close to the rear wall. Image height is better than Quad because of their height. And, they are probably the best integration of a dynamic woofer with an electrostatic panel, due to the transmission line bass system, which is articulate, fast, tuneful, and produces very deep bass with low distortion and remarkable clartiy.

The Quad is an excellent speaker, but if you are seriously in the market for a pair of Electrostatic speakers, you owe it to yourself to check out the Innersound speakers before you make a final decision.

Happy listening, and best of luck in your decision.
Mbonn- Thanks for the input. The Innersounds are on my list
of speakers to seek out and hear while I'm on the mainland in 01/04.