Quad 909 Amp or VK200?

Anyone using this amp with Quad ESL or any other speakers?
I'm contemplating of buying the 909 or the used Bat Vk200 for my 63 ESL. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
I have owned the VK 200. It is a decent value @ approx. $1150 used, but it does seem to have a little of the SS edginess to it that I no longer experience having moved away from seperates and moving on to a Pathos TT Reference integrated.
You cannot go wrong with the Quad--It's one of the great amps currently made, a classic, and a serious bargain. And, you're running Quads with it!
Thanks for your time in responding to this question.

BTW, I used to have the Pathos TT, it is a greate int Amp. Regards
i have never heard the vk, but i have used the 909 for 3 years with shahinian's and quad 63's with great success. it has never failed to deliver the goods, especially for its price. best of all, it does not need frequent updating, tweaking, etc to do what it does.