Quad 909

I heard about this amp and its performance in the midrange as being equal to tubes. Does anyone who own one have any comments about the bass and highs?

I am using a 95db efficient speaker so the "current dumping" technology is very interesting and I believe will match my speaker.

Any comments?
It is a good amp and will drive your speakers easily. Tube like? I don't know but it has a smooth presentation with excellent bass and an extented top end. I can't speak for long term reliability. It is a British design manufactuered in China.

Narrod, from your comments you find the bass and top end should not be a concern as much as its reliability. I am very appreciative. How long have you had yours? Any problems?
I'm not saying it is not reliable. I don't know. It is too new. It seems very well made.
The 909 performance is kinda ho hum.It is definitely not tube like.The 606,or if you're so inclined,a pair of 606's is a better bang for the buck.
Use to own the 909. I would not call it tube like. It is very neutral. No real flaws but, not special.
I think it's the best SS amp I've ever owned! It's the most natural and lifelike. No reliability problems at all. It's one beautiful sounding amp. Mate it with a good pre amp and I think you wont be dissapointed.

Power amps owned...Bryston 4B ST, Audio Research 150.2, Parasound Halo. It bests all of them in my opinion in its balance, soundstaging, and effortless drive. Remains clean and open at louder volumes too. A phenomenal bargain.

Wow, this is very interesting. The amp seems to have good and bad reviews so is it possible that its speaker dependent. If so, for those who like the amp, what type of speaker works best.

Thanks for all the responses.
I used it with Quad's 22L floorstanders with good results.
I have Quad's 12 L2 monitor speakers. So there may be wonderful synergy here that I'm experiencing. However I've heard them on various Paradigm speakers, and it powers those magically too.
I heard 909 in a several occasions with Quad Electrostatics (2809, 2909). I was surprised how well they were playing together. My impression of 909 is that it is very fine, neutral sounding amp. This "neutrality" maybe opinion-divider, because it does not really put much into the music - it just let it through ... It seems to me also that it is a great bargain. But probably it should be heard first because just like all the others, its sounding depends on the speakers and synergy with them ...

This is what this board is all about. I appreciate the remarks from each of you regarding the sonic merits of the Quad 909.

Its best to conclude it will work best in a system using Quad speakers. I do not believe I will have the opportunity for an in-home audition to determine its synergy with a non-quad speaker.

Happy New Year.