Quad 63 ESL buzzing & hissing!!

Hi all, Just recieved a pair of ESL 63's and upon plugging them in (charging panels) the left speaker started buzzing & hissing and making noise. Then about 20 minutes later the right started doing the same thing. I then hooked up the speaker wires just to see if they worked, whick they did, and sounded ok through the hissing & buzzing. I had a friend who is a electrical engineer at Motorola come and listen, and he said right away "voltage leak". Is there any way to self repair this without having to send them back to QS&D?? Also could something like this happen in shipping to both speakers?? The fellow I bought them from said they were fine when they left, and I trust him, that's not a problem BUT just seems weird that BOTH speakers would pooch out with the same problem. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance, Bob
You might try emailing Nick Gowan, [email protected], who might be able/willing to advise. He knows these speakers inside out, since he does a very major upgrade (changing 62' of internal wire, among many other things) on them. He's in northern CA, if that's closer than your other repair option.
Thanks Tom, I have e-mailed him, I'll let you know what happens! Thanks again, Bob