Quad 57 stacked v Wilson watt puppy 6/7

Can anyone tell me how a pair of stacked quads with ribbon horn tweeters would compare with the wilson watt puppies and the yamaha ns1000??
The quads are the best speakers I have ever owned. My past speakers include
harbeth 30, audio physic avanti, avantgarde duo horns, reynaud offrandes.
i understand the Yamaha and the wilson watt puppies second hand are some of the greatest speakers of all time???
I once had a diy version of the Mark Levinson HQD. This consisted of stacked Quads, Decca super ribbons and I added two transmission line subwoofers. Probably the best system I have ever had. It was triamped. However, getting older I moved to a condo and didn't have room for it.
Quads => Yamaha NS1000M => WP 6/7 arranged in order of increasing loudness/dynamics/reliability. The Yamaha's are awesome - just don't push 'em too hard.
Thank you all for your responses. I appreciate they sound different, but what areas does one speaker major over the other? That might help give me a better idea of how they sound in comparison.
There is a newly rebuilt pair of "Apogee Scintilla" for sale at Audiogon...(not mine). If you have room to setup "stacked Quads"...I'll assume you have room for the Scintilla.

The Scintilla will do what both of those will do, if you set them up properly...kills two birds with one stone for you.

Just a thought,

the scintilla has merely an iota of the quad 57's timbral accuracy. look at the driver material and "speed' of the drivers.