I drive my QUAD 57's with VTL's TT 25's. I am interested if anyone has had success using QUAD 57's with solid state amps ?
Two local dealers here in michigan both used quad ss amps with esl's. I heard them once and it sounded great....
Hey Mikeyaya. I love your Vtl tt's. I wish they were around when I had my 57's, seem like a very synergistic match to my ear. Yes, I have driven the 57's with many amps,both tube and ss. The original Mark Levinson ML2's and the little bedini 25/25 were pure magic on the 57's.I ran stacked 57's for years AKA the Levinson HQD system minus the hartley subs. As a matter of fact,both of those amplifiers were sold to Quad 57 owners and are still being used in their systems today.The bedini was sitting in my closet for as long as I can remember. A local buyer with stacked 57's purchased it so he could mate it with his bedini to drive each panel per amplifier channel. I have a very good friend with a pair of 57's being driven by a old 30 watt advent 300 intergrated and it still mesmerizes me every time I visit. Another local guy has a pair driven by an old classe dr3 and it's truly one of the finest systems I have heard. And to qualify things here, I am a die hard tube amp kind of guy.All the best in your endevour here.
I drove my 57s with a Bedini 25/25 for a number of years and it was superb. I have also listened to the 57s with various Quad amps, 303 and 405, as well as a Bryston 3B and the sound was always very good. However, I do prefer the Quads with a good tube amp.
I had a pair of Quad 63's driven by a 50 watt push-pull tube amp, and just for fun one day I tried a 40 watt pure Class A solid state amp. In this case, I preferred the Class A solid state amp (made by Clayton Audio).
I agree with the above. The Bedini is a great match and I wanted to add a few that are a good match. Electro Compinette (don't remeber how to spell it) Old Acoustat TNT or VSP Labs TranMos amps and the king of all solid state amps Essence.
Hello, The best sound i've ever heard from a solid state amp on the Quad 57s was a Bryston 4B, this was before theST series. The room also had catheral ceilings, the sound was truly wonderful.
Since for some reason (???) my earlier attempt to post to this thread didn't make it, I'll try again.

Like Cleopatra52, I used a Bedini 25/25 happily with my Quad ESLs, both of which are in my bedroom system. Among solid state amps I don't know if you can do any better. With tubes you have several choices, including OTLs from Futterman and Atma-Sphere which work fabulously.

Hello again. Brian, Great taste in sound!!! I totally agree, again. You are right on with Futtermans, I forgot about them plus they are imposible to find and retube. LOL Did you get your during the Bikini buster sale? (inside joke. Last add Harvey ran before he shut down) I would also add Ayre.
Your VTL's are truly outstanding. In general - I am not a tube fan because I don't like the "tube sound" and I definitely don't like a different sounding amplifier every time I change tubes.

If I'm ever in the mood for the "tube sound" I can always listen to my DCC records.

I might get flamed for that.

My current preamp is tubes (Audible Illusions M3A) but it will be replaced soon since I now have 57's again.

Back to your question.
Like was said before - The Bedini 25 25 with 57's is outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also - last time I had 57's I used them with a Bryston 2B.
I think the 2B is the best sounding Bryston and it is enough to drive the 57's.

If you can find an old STAX Power Amp - those really work magic with the 57's.

I currently use a Levinson #23. It was a great match for the 63's, and I currently use them with my 57's - that I only got one week ago.
It's certainly great - but I also just got a used Bryston 2B that I am modifying as we speak.
I change some capacitors and replace the protection circuitry with my own design.

I will soon find out if the modified 2B will sound better than the levinson.

My vote is for solid state - but I KNOW you are not suffering with your VTL's

Steve, Isn't changing caps to change performance the same as changing tubes? Oh waite, it's harder. LOL just in fun.
try them with the battery Final Lab Music amplifiers and let me know, what do you think....I think it is the best!!! I just listened to it recently and I almost bought a pair of 57's...again...I used to own about five pairs allready in my audio life! Seriously, if I ever go back to them, this will be MY amp. Silky highs and BASS.
Hello. nice thread. I use homemade SET monoblocks with my 57's, and have used Leak stereo 20, Leak TL12+ monoblocks, and Quad 306. The 306 got surprisingly close to the valve sound, with more overall control, but lacked tonality and musicality. In the end I was more @ther@ with the tube amps. Am just about to try 70's high end sony pre and power SS amps with the 557's, maybe today, and will report. Nice to hear so many 57 users. I rave about these speakers, and have One Thing Audio modded ones with new treble panels, and it really is an improvement over stock.
i use an all original eico st40 on stacked quads 3 pair iv tryed many combinations of amps includeing 3 fisher ba-6000 studio series amps that sounded pretty good but the high's seemed to be under a vail at one point I had 6 magnavox 6v6push pull parallel mono's that sounded like hell since all of them needed to be serviced HAHA. the phase linear model 300 worked very well with them, also had 3 nikko alpha 440's all kinds of junk I guess but I always go back to the eico something about 7591's and quads
Yeah I know it's been YEARS since this was posted but I figure someone might come across this post while researching the topic, so here's my reply:

I am using a Forte 4a, with the "Soderburg" mods, on my ESL-57's. (Wayne Picquet treble panels and zener protection board)

The ESL-57's sound GREAT on this amp. I've used a bunch of modern and classic tube amps, as well as other class-A solid state amps and the Forte 4a is my FAVORITE. Enough power to "wake up" the Quads, great control at low frequencies, 'liquid' mids and very smooth treble- a great amp for the ESL-57's.