Quad 34

A friend recently lent me a Quad 34 preamp and what can I say....it sounds like sh**.
I used to have a Jeff Rowland Consonance before and it sounded light years better than the Quad...even an old Mcintosh C24 sounded better on my system.

Any experiences with Quad to share ?

Hi, I have used Quad equipment for years and have had good luck with it, as a matter of fact i'm useing a Quad 44 preamp for my tape and phono section along with my Bryston BP20 and 4bst. This preamp has been with me since 1983 and if it were a dog it would have been gone a long time ago. I dont know what you are useing the 34 with but it should not sound bad. I have owned the 33, 303, 22, Quad 2 tube amps, 405-2power amps and 4 pair of Quad electostatic speakers. The only component I did not care for was the 22 preamp as I thought it was a tad noisy. But other than that thought the stuff was great. Hope this helped.
Hm maybe a mismatch in the components.
I owned a 34,44, the complete 22 System and in the living room is a 66/67/606 System working.
I always liked the 34 and I owned a Rowland Consonance II at that time, too.
I used it with Quad 22 tubes, but for these I had to replace a resistor for higher gain. Quad service did that. It sounded also very good with the 606 amps. I think, there is something in your System which makes this dissapointing result.
I owne a 34 preamp (a great sound) with 303 Quad amplifier,does anyone knows how to decreas the volume gain
because it sounds too loud at minimum volume.