Quad 2905

Hi All,
Well I finally hooked up my new pair of Quad 2905's to my ASR Emitter II Exclusive and I am highly impressed! I also have an Ayre QB9 DAC connected to a Mac Mini as my digital source. The only thing left to do is to purchase an affordable power conditioner for both the DAC and the Speakers. Someone suggested PS Audio. I have a slight concern that my speakers are relatively close to the kitchen. I have ventilation but should I stop using the oven?
Hi Goofy,

Nice system!!! Enjoy! PS Audio is very good...you may also wish to try Nordost Thor. I compared both, and kept the Thor and have since moved to the Nordost QX4...i like the QRT technology quite a bit.

Relatively speaking, i found the PS audio excellent but perhaps 'stiffened the sound' while also stripping away noise, etc. With you Ayre and ASR and Quads, you've got musicality like few other systems.

I found Thor really was amazing...read my post here on it. Good luck and pls keep us posted! and enjoy your incredible system!
Thanks for the response and I'll take your advice concerning the Nordost. Its funny to say that money could be an issue with this system but that's precisely why it's an issue.
Yes! There is always something more, just out of reach or just within reach...enjoy the journey and your great system!