Quad 2805s paired with a Audio Research VSi60?

Has anyone heard the Quad 2805s with an Audio Research VSi60?
Hi. i have heard 2805s with various equipment but not yours...what i will observe is that the 2805 (like many elecrostatics) responds well to high quality, high current amps. it will sound very nice with many amps, but you may find with higher current amps, it seems to 'come alive' a bit more.

I think the ARC amps are very good, but as a totally personal preference, i think it might be a very good sound but perhaps not delivering where the 2805 could use an amp. It already is a very mellifluous, transparent speaker...so the ARC will probably reinforce that a bit (maybe even too much tho that is definitely a personal opinion)...but the power delivery, slam, continuous output which helps deliver fuller depth of sound...probably better to come from a higher powered amp. One man's opinion.
I tried a VS60 power amp with a SP-9II preamp on my ESL63s just "on a lark", and I thought it worked very well. The combo had me seriously considering a change from the Spectral DMC6/DMA50 that I've been using for years!
Much to my dealer's chagrin, I didn't end up buying the VS60, but it was close! Really, I'm just too cheap to make a change unless the difference is overwhelming, I doubt you'd be disappointed with the ARC in the least, my local dealer has sold quite a few Quad/ARC systems... really a fine match.

Who knows, maybe taking the SP-9 out by going to a VSi60 would have been enough to push me over the edge. ...I'm not going back to the shop to find out though, like I said... I'm too CHEAP! LOL!

The VSi60 is an absolutely wonderful match with the 2805s. It has lots of drive and great dynamics, nice HF extension, and surprisingly good bass. Those speakers benefit from great tubes like this--I wouldn't go for less.