quad 2805 vs magnepan 1.7

I will drive them with pass labs x150.5
I can place them 3-4feet max from the wall.
For classical music and vocals...
same price here for quad second hand and 1.7 new.
any help would be appreciated.
Quad, no contest; just my opinion.
Modded / hotrodded MG1.6 with REAL wooden frames and all-new crossover.
I'm using outlaw audio on my 1.7's.. no complaints!
I would take two pair of new and improved Bose 901 series 6 version 2's STACKED over any of these above speakers period ! You just can't get that "YOU ARE AT A LIVE PERFORMANCE" feeling with these other speakers !...
Hifisoundguy....glad to see someone here with a sense of humor!
Lcouplin, I'm NOT JOKING around here ! These new and improved BOSE series 6 version 2's ARE THE REAL DEAL ! They are using different speaker drivers in these new 901's now and they SOUND DAMN GOOD TOO !.. Two pair of 901's "STACKED" are very hard to beat.. AT ANY PRICE !..
Sure they are; ROFL! No highs, no lows, must be a Bose. Bose has been a total fraud from day one, it is sad that anyone still takes them seriously. Their whole "reflected sound" gimmick is totally bogus.
And I forgot to mention that my velvet Elvis makes the Mona Lisa look bad.
Don't you just love it when someone asks a serious question about A versus B and some jerk feels compelled to chime in and say "ya godda try the Q instead"?

They don't ask about room or amps or listening levels or musical preferences, or what the OP owned previously. They just charge ahead suggesting EVERYONE else should agree with their personal favorite.

Peace be with you!
I always liked bose for there pricepoints. The highs are rolled off, but the bass for there size used to be VERY good on the 301's back in 01-02'

Anyway, I love Magnepans, specially the 1.7's.
My non-critical neighbors still have some 301s up on the shelf. I have no idea how often they are used. They sounded quite unlike any other Bose I have ever heard. Minimally acceptable, even.
THAT Is what I think the problem with Bose really is. No 'house sound'. If you listened to Maggies from the top of the line to the MMG, you'd be amazed at the similarities.

They (the neighbors) were floored when I put some Diana Krall on my Maggies / D amp / CA 840.
ok thank you all.

I am trying to listen a pair of 1.7.

I would like to know if they can play acceptable in low volume levels (as JV wrote in TAS review).
It's very ipmortant to me cause I have a baby in house.
Quads are great in low volume levels.

Keep on posting your expirences.

thanks again...
As an owner of the Quad'63 and the Mag 1.6qr, I'd say it depends upon what you mean by "classical". The 2805= '63, and are hard to beat on vocals and small ensembles. The 1.6 is close to the 1.7 and surpass the Quads only in their powerfulness- and that is with real powerful amps. The 150.5 may not be enough. The Quads are simply more resolving of low level detail, while the Mags can play higher SPLs on more complex music. It is a trade off.
I have not heard the 1.7 Maggies, but almost every review I can recall of any Maggie has a reference to requiring a lot of power and the volume turned up to sound alive.

I have heard the Quad 2805 and they are excellent. Given your stated listening material and volume preference, the Quads would be the obvious choice. I have only heard the 2805 with tube power so I don't have anything good or bad to say about the match with the Pass amp. I hope it works out for you.
No contest. Quads. I like and have sold the Maggies also but to me the Quads are in another league. So natural, fast, easy, detailed. They can come alive with even the Quad II mono blocks. Seriously good speakers. If they are really the same price (new 1.7's vs. used 2805's) then by all means get the Quads.
the price here for a used 2805 in mint condition is a bit more than 3000euro.
The dealer in Greece sells the 1.7 for a bit more than 3000euro!
I think I am leaning towards the quads.
Listening in low volume levels is important.
Are the 2805 adequate for symphonic music?
(I don't need 105db peaks etc... just the "feeling" of the orchestra...)
Low volume, QUAD. They have always had the effect, when changing volume from low to high or high to low, of
appearing to walk closer to the music source, or to back away from it. Higher volume, in the orchastra section. Lower volume, same detail and resolution, just father away. not behind doors our outside the performance, but think of an outdoor concert, low volume, farther away, louder...just closer.
I live near a BOSE Factory Outlet. Will go listen and keep an open mind. I purchased one of the first 1801 amps, matching quad pre amp and even had the CD-4 module. I go way back with Bose, i worked at cal-stereo in the '70's and sold more Bose and Cerwin Vega than anyone on the west coast!
And they were profitable! oh well...i digress...
Lcouplin, very nice description, thanks.