Quad 2805. How to get the bottom panel off?

Does anyone know the trick to getting the bottom panel off the Quad 2805? The tensor pole is in the way and I can't find a way to remove it.
You need to start by taking the top of the speaker off. It's kind of involved so I would recommend calling Quad up and they will send you a diagram on how to do it. Did you break the binding post?
I watched a technician do this twice with my 2805's. Once to replace the binding posts after I broke two from tightening. The other time was to fix some electronics.

First take off the very top plate on top of the speaker. This should pop off, it is held in place on each end.

Then you can get to the bolt that holds the pole in place from the top. Once you remove that bolt, the pole should become loose and you can then move it out of the way to take off the bottom plate. You don't have to remove the pole from the bottom.

Good luck.
Thanks for the information. Something went out in the electronics section and I want to take a look inside. I will give Quad a call for more details.