QUAD 22L2 - issue installing spikes

I recently purchased a mint used pair of 22L2s. I'm very impressed with their sound. The ROSEWOOD finish is beautiful. I installed the black base plate - no issues.
The prior owner did not use the spikes or base plates from what I can see. I then attempted to carefully thread in the spikes into the base plate nut/inserts. As I screw in the spikes the threaded inserts unscrew from the base. The thread tolerances seem very tight. I use to do Tool & Die work decades ago so I know threads, metals.... The nut inserts are actually a 2 piece assembly (top, bottom) that are threaded together using a special spanner wrench which has two external pins about 3/4" in apart. I'd need two wrenchs - one for the top , one for the bottom to tighten the assembly so I can screw in the spikes WITHTOUT the nut assembly unscrewing. Walter from Underwood HiFi was very nice and forwarded the tel # for QUAD. I tried calling and left a message but never got a return call. Has anyone encountered the same issue? I suspect I may end up having to make two special spanner wrenches myself.
Thanks in advance for any advice,