quad 22L vs totem arro

trying to downsize and looking for a small floorstander to accompany a solid state amp. listen to mostly rock and acoustic adult pop with occasional jazz. above 2 speakers came to mind . can anyone recomend one over the other
Sorry, I haven't heard the Totem. I do own the 22L and I really like it. I'm actually looking for a second pair for another room.

They have an immense soundstage and really are quite extended. I usually need some kind of sub with smaller speaker like this, and these really don't need any help. I listen to some pop, jazz vocals, and rock. The tonality of these speakers never left me wanting more.

FWIW, Quad's 909 amp is a great mach to these.
I have the Totem Arro's with a Mark Levinson 27. For solid state, they can't take too much, even though they are 4 ohms.

The Levinson 27 puts out 100 watts, and they clip at the halfway mark level 5 :(

Prior to the Levinson, I was driving them with a Cary SLI 50, 35 watt integrated tube amp with Ruby EL-34's .. it was a perfect match. Sadly I have gone to a more powerful Solid State, and no thinking about Thiel's or Martin Logan's. They are beautiful little speakers BTW, and can be bi-amped. Too bad they can't take what the Mark Levinson puts out.
Do not recommend the Arros for your taste in music. Great speakers, just not meant to dig deep for rock. The Quads would be a better choice. Great cabinet too. Another choice in my book would be Dynaudio Audience 52 (bookshelf), 62 or 72. These speakers will rock out (once broken in) and do a good job at other types of music too. Known for surprising bass response for their size if driven properly. THe Quads are a "prettier" sounding speaker, the Dyanaudios more authoritative.