Quad 22L vs Energy RC-50

I was dead set on the Quads, but I have a chance to get the Energys cheap. I have yet to audition them.
Hoping someone reads this who has heard both lines. They would have to do double duty for ht and music with my B&K 7250.
I've owned both Quad and Energy speakers (not exact models mentioned) and found both very good performers but the build quality and finish go to Quad by a long shot (you have to see the stuff too?) Check on Audiogon for deals on slightly used or demo Quad's and you might get the $ you are looking for. Milo
the energy line gets overlooked in the u.s. but they are a great speaker.
Auditioned the Energys today, and really did not like them at all. Very recessed midrange, percussion sounded like it was being reproduced by a clock radio. Did hear some Triangle Antals, and liked them very much, just not enough to feel like I had to own them. I'm sticking with the Quads.