Quad 21L2 vs Dynaudio Focus 140's???

Can anyone give me an idea how the Quads compare to the Dynaudio's sonically?The Quads would be driven by either a 40wpc.EL34 Tube Integrated Amplifier or 40wpc.SimAudio SS I/A fronted by a Denon Blu Ray/SACD/DVD-A player via all Acoustic Zen Zero Crystal Copper cables.I appreciate your input.Thanks very much...
Can't speak to those specific speakers, but when I changed from Quad 11Ls to Dynaudio Excite X12s, the Dynaudios were substantially more resolving and detailed than the Quads. They were also better integrated from top to bottom; the Dyns went lower but made the Quads sound boomy. Hope this helps.
Actually it confirms what I discovered this past weekend.I happened across a small shop in downtown Seattle that had a TON of used gear,including a pair of 12L2's.While there was no Dynaudio's to compare side by side,I lived with Dyn's long enough to remember how they sound & the Quads didn't even come close.Thanks much...
I had a pair of the original 12Ls...and for the record...they had exceptional bass...both in terms of quantity and quality...very clean...extremely deep considering the size...however...overtime i found them somewhat fatiguing...the tweeter being the major culprit...I believe they went with a different tweeter on subsequent models...however...I do miss the bass...they are rear ported...so if they are close to a wall they can be boomy....
I owned a pair of the 21L's and while the fit n' finish were beautiful they were easily bested by my Morel Preludes and my current speakers the Shelby+Kroll Nano monitors which I love. Can't imagine them being better than Dynaudio
Well looks like I got a good system match with my Quad 21L. I chose them over Audio Physic, Totems, Dynaudio, Wharfedale, PSB, in their price range. "In their price range" is important here. I am sure that there are speakers costing 5X more that can trounce them. I am pretty happy with my current setup.
Heavy bass? Not enough resolution? Maybe you need to pull them out into the room. Mine are set at 40" from back wall and about 30" from side walls. The speakers are 7' apart with a slight toe-in. They image very nice. I like laid back sound. One speaker that I simply did not like was the Triangles. I could not demo it for more than 5 minutes. It was in the face presentation. I am thinking that the Rotels were not a good match with them at the demo.
I do have some room treatments now. Will update my system page soon. Before you change speakers make sure that you have "optimized" their positioning to hear their full potential. One more thing - Quads love power. My NAD integrated amp was alright. When I upgraded to the TVC+Parasound via RCA, it was better. But with the XLR in between the TVC and the amp, it is, like I upgraded the amp to a more powerful one OR like I replaced the speakers with some newer better speakers.
Dynaudio is much better to my ear than quad. I own the powered quad monitors as well as a number of Dynaudio speakers including the new Xeo and the Dynaudio sound is much more natural. I would describe the sound of the quad as rather bright. They don't sound terrible just not as good as Dynaudio.