Quad 21L vs NHT classic three vs KEF iQ5

I currently have a music/HT system with arcam AVR 350 preout to Mac 2275 driving quad esl in the front and the receiver driving Thiel 1.6s in the rear and no center channel. Sub is a velodyne DD12. I would like to separate the ESL from the HT by replacing the fronts and rears with Quad 21L, KEF iq5 or NHT classic 3. They are the same price considering the stands for NHT.

Which would be best for this application?
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in this order..kef, nht, quad
I just bought the Classic 4's which are like the classic 3's but have a 10" woofer... and ya know what? VERY impressive speaker. I actually just took out the jumpers just to hear the top 3 range portion. Up against the Dynaudio 52's... I actually perfer the NHT's and I am a Dynaudio addict. Now, I do like the Dyns mids just a bit more... but overall, notworth the price diffence. The NHTs are a value to say the least. I was actually looking at the Quads, not as appealing as the NHT's. NHT, I clap for ya... you did good this time around guys!