QUAD 21L or 22L opinions please punch them in

Any opinions on these speakers? Anyone with experiences or even better owner of these speakers.
The 21L or 22L only please?
Thank you. Kind of info I am looking for is good and bad things if any, recommended associated equipment, type of sound (laid back or forward) brightness? deep bass? that kind of stuff. Thank you kindly

I own the 21Ls :)

I did not have the opportunity to audition the 22Ls at the time of purchase and they were also not within my budget at the time.

First off these speakers are not bright at all, what they are is very neutral and completely unforgiving. Some poorly recorded rock albums are now completely unlistenable on my system (modest as it is) because the Quad simply plays it like it is. Everyone's response when they hear my system is "It sounds so clean" This is the same description I have heard from 10+ people who I sit down and play them some of their own music or some of the tunes I like to demo with.

These speakers are however a great deal of fun, I listen to a very eclectic range of music(electronica, rock, rap, jazz, classical, etc) and everything is supremely enjoyable. The bass on these speakers has always been good, but now approaching the 6 month mark they have gone to a new level, bass is always quick clean - never overdone or uncontrolled.

I lack the adjectives and experience to properly describe the joy these speakers have brought me. I'll sum it up like this. I sit down, I put in some of my favorite music, and an uncontrollable grin spreads across my face and I just - enjoy.

I have detailed information on my auditioning process in under my system thread so check that out and feel free to e-mail me with any questions if you'd like me to give you a specific impression of some specific music let me know.

Hope this helps,

I went for the 22L...was able to get a decent deal.

I've had them for 6 months now and they really are marvellous - both in sonics and looks.

I mainly listen to acoustic jazz, whereas my wife listens to vocals and pop. The Quad handles many genres of music beautifully and is totally unfatiquing. You put on a CD and before you know it, it's playing a second time on repeat and you don't know where the time went.

Good luck...it's a crowded field out there for your dollars. The Quads are exceptional value...by no means the only speakers that fit this bill, but a definite bargain.

What electronics are you gents using please, like amp and souce if you dont mind! Thanks

I just picked up a a pair of the 21Ls for a second HT/music system using a Rotel 1055 receiver and the original rega planet for cds. I have been very impressed with the sound right out of the box. The highs are very smooth and though the bass still needs to develop further, they still give a full rich sound. I also like the fact that their center channel is on the smallish side, making it easy to place on top of my tv monitor. Listening to music on this system is very enjoyable and they do justice to HT as well with a decent sub added.
Regarding my system - I purchased the best integrated I could get in the area with my limited budget - the NADC350. I've been very happy with this amp but I feel these speakers would like more juice, someday I hope I can afford to give them the power they deserve :)

My complete system details are available under my Audiogon system info.
Hi everyone,

I've thinking about buying a Quad HT system and I am doubting between the following 2 options:

- 2 Quad 22L as front speakers + 2 Quad 11L as surrounds + Quad central speaker (I will initially not go ahead with the subw.)
- 2 Quad 12L as front speakers + 2 Quad 11L as surrounds + Quad central speaker + subw.

The room is around 280sqf and the actual listening area is around 140sqf. It has a rectangular shape.

I'm afraid the 22L may be a bit too big for the room and that maybe the 12L + subw is a better option. However, I always felt that with two front speakers such as the 22L I could avoid the subw. and also avoid potential problems with neighbours.

Can anyone give me some advice? I would also like to have your feedback regarding a good receiver/amp for que Quads.

Many thanks to everyone.
I would go with two 21Ls in front and the 12Ls in the back and at that point see if you need a sub.

The new Quad Sub is getting good reviews in the british press right now but you may not need it once your 21Ls burn in.

I think you posted on AA as well, i'm nathan_klassen on AA.

If your going Piano black let me know I know of an L-centre in mint condition for a good price.
Thanks Vaystrem,

I'm going for Piano black but unfortunately in I now live in Madrid and maybe transportation could be an issue.

I also got a fairly good deal here in Madrid for the whole set (22L(2)+11L(2)+L Centre) for €2000 (around 1435 sterling).

Many thanks.
looking to replace my NHT ST-4's with 22l's . no local dealer in ohio area to audition. any suggestions please
I just bought a pair of 22L's over 'Gon. I've been playing musical chairs with speakers lately and this is the next in line. I've read too many good things not to try them. There are several good offers on 'Gon too. Mine should arrive in the next couple of days. Currently have a McIntosh MA 6500 and Rotel RCD 1072 cd. Mine will be in the limited yew wood finish, I've heard nothing but positives on these. I'll let you know.
Ok, just got the Quad 22l's a few days ago. Let me say-very impressive! I'm still evaluating but my initial reaction is very positive. Great mids, clear highs and surprising bass. Not overblown, but very tight and fast. Currently driving them with a vintage Tandberg integrated until my new rotel arrives. Beautiful cabinets, maybe the best finish I've yet to see. That includes a custom pair of Meadowlarks I once owned that were over $3,000. These are under $1,000 on 'Gon-maybe the best bang for your $$ out there.
My friend whose system I helped build has the Quad 22L.

Very transparent and open sound - apprent "neutrality"
good tonality
resolution and micro detail
audiophile things like soundstaging and imagaging

Big scale dyanmics
Bass Extension (spec to 30hz, in actuality even 40hz is a stretch in a medium-large room)

I know of no other sub $2,000 speaker with as many good qualities. Transparency is king here
at least quad isn't gouging consumers. these are made in china, not the u.k.
After further listening I find the Quads a great performer. I've thrown everything at them and they sing. I wouldn't call them a "rock" speaker as people think of them (Klipsch). However, in listening to Tull, Moody Blues they are excellent. They cover a lot of bases for an excellent price. Plus the finish is a good as you will find.
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