QUAD 21L Advice &


I have a pair of QUAD 12L which I love. Am about to get stands for them but with small children about thinking that maybe the 21L may give me same performance (or even enhanced) but a more "stable" solution.

Any experience of 21L ?

Also I note the 21L are quite a small floorstander at only 31" high - any experience on how this might affect the imaging since tweeter is lower than theoretical optimum height(12L on 28" stands)?
I have owned both the 21 and 12L's. And to me the 12's sounded better. The 21's had a little more bass, but not really that much. The soundstage of the 12's was much larger. I was using some nice Target stands, filled with lead shot. And used blue tack for attaching the speakers to the stands. The kids should not be able to move them with the lead shot and blue tack. I even had problems moving them.
Thanks. I was planning on Target 28" stands (HR70) so glad to hear they are robust.
Was the 12L soundstage better due to the fact that the 21L's are probably lower than 12L's on stands ??

I am hoping for more bass which is another reason to consider the 21L but if the difference is negligible it mat not be worth it as I find 12L's give pretty nice bass when closer to back wall (at least while I run them in). Anything to add or recommendations on the bass ?
I have the 21Ls I find that they need a LOT of room to breathe. 40 inches plus off the backwall if possible, its not with my current living room layout (sigh) so they are only 32 inches off the back wall.

I couldn't afford a subwoofer and my system is a Music/Movie (60/40) mix and it seemed a prudent decision to go with the 21Ls instead of the 12Ls and I don't regret it.

Monitors will, generally, have a larger soundstage than floor standers. I don't find it to be lacking with my setup but everyone has different equipment /preferences.

I think that the 12Ls with a good filled stand (www.skylandstands.com) would be more stable than the 21Ls as they are not sand fillable.

Stick with your 12L's. I had all the L models for stereo only!No HT stuff! The 12L's I found to be most musically satisfying when its set up correctly........that is a smaller room size (12 by 14), not good but superb stands (Target R4 filled) and a good 50 watt tube amp with good source! It will be hard to beat I assure you even when compared with the best systems out there! I find that system was more satisfying during the nights when I return from work than my $20,000 reference system which required much more space and work! Good luck!