Quad 2 mono's and Pre 22 for $430-Good Buy ??

Agon friends
Above mentioned amps in good working order but well used.Still have the original General Electric power tubes.I have read that these are legendary Hi Fi.Had a listen recently,very special sound !Planning to use with Merlin VSM-MM's.
Is this a good buy ?
Any insight and advice will be appreciated.
Merlins are forgiving but deserving of a better front end, don't you think? SS is probably best on the demanding Dynaudio woofers but many have had success with tubes, esp. with the Tube harness now offered by Merlin.

Repairs/upgrades may be an issue due to age and origin. A Scott or Fisher integrated for the same money may offer =/better performance w/less audio nervosa, and fewer cables. You mention a recent listen, on what spkrs? Any hum/noise/smoke? Are replacment tubes available? Not to dissuade you but consider the many options. Let us know how you make out.
Hi Bluebull. Yes, I would say that is a good buy if they are operating close to spec. The amplifiers are very good. As Tripper correctly pointed out... the merlin's would sound far better with a preamp of higher order. The Quad 22 preamp is rather dated and was always really considered mediocre at best, however you could re-coup some of your investment by selling it on ebay. When buying classic tube amps from that era it's always prudent to see if it has been repaired,or modified from original. If so, you would want to know what has been done [modifications, rewiring, capacitor replacement etc] and inspect the work by removing the bottom plate. I have seen many that have been butchered with poor workmanship,bad soldering and the like. The topology of the quad 2's are really a simple straight forward layout inside so it's not difficult to spot poor workmanship. Many quad 2's have had their tubed rectifier circuits changed to a solid stade bridge rectifiers... avoid them at all cost as they remove the beautiful sonic signature of the amp.While I have never heard the Merlin TSM, I would hazard to guess the Quad 2 merlin combo would make for beautiful music. I have used a vintage pair of Rogers LS3/5a's as well as a pair of the original proac response 2's with my quad 2's[all stock]and various tubed preamps and honestly believe one would need to spend thousands of dollars more today to achieve the level of magic those systems achieved. You have probably guessed by know that I am a big fan of the Quad 2 monos... with good fresh nos tubes they are oustanding. I wish I still had mine. Hope this helps.
Will use Pathos Logos with the Merlin's.Will try Quad 2 mono's with the pre outs of the Logos.Quad 22 will not be used.If the Quads are not to my liking I'll sell them,if I like them I'll have them upgraded/modified to the best possible condition.Have never been a valve power amp fan but I think worth a try with the Merlin's.OTL's not within my reach logistically and financially.
If I want to spend a lot on a amp I'll go for the Pathos INPOL 2 amp(I like the Pathos sound )The Italians do make beautifull Hi Fi!(No apologies to anyone who has made some nasty comments on this statement in a previous thread)
I listened to my friends Quads on the Apogee Centaur Minors.
Thanks for your inputs/advice ,appreciated.Will let you know how it turns out.
Hey Bluebull. I concurr with analysis of the pathos and the Italian hifi ideology, as they are very passionate about their music. You may be pleasantly suprised with the quads employed in your own system as they do possess that soul... in a subliminal sense.... of a real instrument or voice in space....something one can instantly identify with. I am rather surprised here, as the Apogee is certainly not the ideal load for the old Quad 2[or any tube amp for that matter]. A real world testament to the great transformers of the Quads. If your impressed with the quad 2/apogee combination,you should be mesmerized with the merlin pairing as the impedence is much closer to ideal. Best of luck on your endevour.
I do agree that the Apogee's may not be the best match for the Quads,but I did hear that"subliminal sense of space" you are talking about-quite special!I think that it will work well with the Merlins(By the way the Owner of Merlin also has a Quad 2 pair.....)Whether it will be better than the Pathos,I dont think so,but it will be nice to have the Quads.With the Merlins,who knows?
Bought the $430 Pre 22/Mono's yesterday,unfortuanately one amp's transformer is "FRIED !"but the dark cloud does have a silver lining !Getting,tomorow,another pair of Quad 2's in much better shape($250 for the pair!)From these I will have two upgraded amps customized.
Will shurely let you know how this progresses.....
(The Rodgers LS3/5A,what else.....classic!Like those Tannoy Westminsters....is that now a timeless design or what ? In production since the 1950's isn't it ?)