Quad 12L2s vs Totem Rainmaker monitors

Has anyone heard these two speakers? What would you say are their acoustic characters...how are they different or for that matter, similar?
Totem Rainmakers are lively and all about spatial cues - terrific sound stage. They have a decent frequency range for a stand mount and a terrific build and fit and finish for the money.

Quads are smooth and natural sounding. Their experience and ear developed in building electrostatic speakers shows in the voicing of these speakers - they seem to disappear into the room, definitely not boxy sounding. They also have a terrific build and fit and finish for the money.

Either speaker would work very well. I might suggest the Rainmakers for a neutral to warm solid state or tube amp, and the Quads for a bright to neutral SS amplifier. Both speakers would benefit from being placed away from the wall on quality stands.

These are two of my favorite brands, but these stand mount bookshelf speakers are not my favorites in their line near this price point. If you have the floor space and a little extra dough (not much more of either, really) I prefer the Totem Arro and the Quad 21L.