Quad 12L Actives & REL Q108 Sub

Hello ALL,

This is my first post on Audiogon. Would like to know if there is anybody using Quad 12L Actives with a REL sub. Need to get some feedback on setup and best practices for REL Subs.
I'm also using the wonderful JFDigital HDM-03 Music Media Streamer which I purchased out of Shenzhen China.
Any comment concerning REL subs especially the Q108 would be appreciated.

Thank you

Can you tell us how you bought a streamer in Shenzhen. Which company did you buy it from. I know that Shezhen is sort of an electronics manufacturing center in China. My Opera Consonance Cyber 800 mono blocks were made there. At least the company uses a site there. Just curious?
All your speakers are active but I don't know such speakers are attenuated. Does the Streamer have sort of a preamp function with at least volume control and I guess a bypass for a sub?

I purchased the HDM-03 from JFDigital. As a matter of fact the firmware used on the HDM-03 is very similiar to the firmware used on the Opera Consonance D-linear7. I love this streamer because it's simple. I can see my music shares the way I structured it on my NAS using "Asset" UPNP.

The player has XLR output and two sets of RCA outputs so I have XLR cables going to my Quad 12L Actives and just one RCA cable going from the left channel of the HDM-03 to the REL Sub's LFE. My system is simple but sounds wonderful, I was just wondering if I could fine tune the REL even better with some input from the forum.

I did a bank to bank wire transfer to pay for the HDM-03 and they shipped it to my home. I recently order one for my brother since I had already went through the whole bank wire procedure which can sometime be frustrating but it was
worth it. JFDigital is an upstart company but I think for the price vs performance you can't find anything to beat the HDM-03. I'm waiting to see what my brother thinks of the streamer because he has more audiophile experience then me.

Hers is the link if you want more info on the HMD Series:


By the way I had a Monarchy NM25 DAC with matched Amperex 6922 Tube because I like warm sound but I've since took it out of my system because the Wolfson chips in the HDM-03 are warm enough for me.

In response to your sub setup question even though I have never heard the Quads I don't think the speaker brand matters. Some things I've encountered with my Rel. For me I have the crossover set to just below the low limit of my speakers. The low limit on my speakers 45hz and have them crossed over at 43hz. You don't want to hear the sub from any 1 area. The phasing for me was the tough one. Rel only gives you a choice of 0 or 180 degrees. That means you have to move the sub to really fine tune the phasing. I had the placement off by 5". Last get rid of the stock cable. In a million years I couldn't believe that the cable makes a difference but for me it was instantly more attack and decay. So in summary for me the phasing was the hardest and longest to get dialed in correctly. For almost 2 years I had it wrong (the phasing) and thought my Rel B3 could not keep up with Dyn C1's. Well I was wrong - the Rel integrates really good but not just a simple setup.
Xti16, Thanks for the indebt reply. I have a good cable running to the REL but I need to do some more placement test. It's really hard to know when you have reach perfection if you have nothing to compare it to but I can tell when things don't sound right.