Quad 12L active vs Wharfedale Precision 8D Active

If you have experience with either or both of these speakers I would very much appreciate hearing your opinion. Which would be better for low-mid volume level nearfield desktop listening? Thanks in advance.
Not to discourage you from your two listed choices, but you might also consider the Blue Sky Pro Desk 2.1 system. They are designed for nearfield desktop situations.



You can find a good review of this system (and other Blue Sky systems) at the Sound On Sound web site.

I don't know the two you mention and I am sure they are good but to add to your list I suggest you check out NHT SOO/MOO, which is a popular active option for a desktop PC audiophile quality sound.

Chuck Ainlay , Producer/Engineer of Dire Straits etc., endorses them - so don't take my word for it - but they must be pretty good.