Quad 12L Active Monitors

Hi all,

Can anyone comment on Quad's 12L active/amplified monitors? I believe they're new in the USA (not sure exactly), but I can't find much info on them. Has anybody heard them? Any expectations? How would the sound from active 12L's differ from passive 12Ls, if anybody has had the opportunity to compare? Thanks, BCGator
Compared the two side by side a few weeks ago.

WORLDS of difference! The Actives are FLAT RESPONSE monitors which tend to sound bright in non-dampened room. But ohhhhh, the detail and resolution. Cymbals sound like REAL cymbals. The brush circling a snare sounds like a REAL brush on a snare. A triangle rings like a TRUE triangle. Make no mistake about it, the Actives rock...but you MUST be able to tame them if you're not using in the near field.

The regular 12L's have the usual recessed midrange dip that "most" home speakers have..."audiophile" models included.

Just my humble opinion.

Beware, the Actives never really made it into the marketplace for various reasons...and probably never will. No telling how reliable they are nor how well they'd be supported if there are future problems.

Best Wishes