Quad 11L owners only, please list the amplifier...

Quad 11L owners only, please list the amplifier you are using for this pair of speakers.

Thank you

What Hi Fi, a British audio magazine, has done quite a number of speaker/amp
shoot-outs involving the Quad 11's over the last two years. In fact, of all the
audio magazines, they have featured the Quad 11's more than any other
magazine. If I remember correctly, they were usually pairing the Quad's with the
NAD C320BEE and the Rotel RA-02.

What Hi-Fi has changed their web site around quite a bit and has taken away the
option to see/download these articles, so you may wish to contact them directly
and purchase the appropriate issue.

I hope this is useful, as I realize you were asking for a different category of

Regards, Rich
I used an NAD 370 for a while until I bought an Antique Sound Lab AQ1001-DT tube integrated amp. The ASL sounded much better (in my opinion).
I recommend a Roksan Kandy integrated amplifier there used together in brit mag reviews with great success..........
I just bought a pair of Quad 12L's pro version with my Roksan Caspian MKII int.......So i look forward to the combination.......
I have tried quite a few combinations in a good shop, and what really, really stood out in emotional contact with the performance was by far (most good amplifiers all sounded a bit the same, 'perfect' but not involved) the Sugden A21a
Demo'd the 11L the other week (high on my list as a possible purchase) with a Jolida JD-302B (I own a Jolida SJ-502A) and was very impressed with the sound from this speaker/amp combination. Matter of fact, found this topic as I'm looking for some more info on the 11Ls.
Using the Creek Evolution with Quad 11L2 speakers.

I love the combo. I used to have a Yamaha RX 397, and it really didn't have the power to properly drive these speakers, especially at low volume.

The Creek, on the other hand, is friggin awesome!
Arcam is fantastic with the quads as well. Even the a65+ sounds killer. Once you start talking newer arcam you really get a refined sound.
Arcam A85. Dirt cheap, incredible quality, and tone controls that actually work in a subtle way to correct improper cd _ speaker coloration balance.

The Quad is a ''forgiving'' speaker, using the Arcam A85 will add some character to them.
I use a NAD C355 BEE and it sounds ok - the bass is a little bloated and since I replaced the preamp section with a tube preamp there has been a slight improvement.

I'd recommend a separate pre/poweramp so you can tune the sound to your needs.
Thanks guys, I took a different route....and for those of you who have not tried this, seriously try this with a Krell 400xi. Its astonishing what one could squeez out from these little monitors. Stunning speed, dynamics and detail.

And also not forgetting fast and super bass.
Wow this post was from 2005....

I have original 11L's and have used a marantz 2220b reciever, a marantz 2265b reciever, a sansui au 517 amp, a bryston 3b st, and a nicely upgraded dynaco st 70.

The dynaco st 70 wins hands down in sound quality on the 11L's.

You have not heard how good your 11L's can sound until you run a tube amp into them. The tubes give these speakers a huge deep almost "spooky" soundstage with vocals and instruments. The dynaco also produces a fuller bottom end than even the bryston at lower listenig volumes.None of the ss amps produce the soundstage depth that the tubes can.

Have fun trying different amps.
Macintosh MA5100. Great!