Quad 11L or B&W 601 S3?

I am considering to buy the above mentioned Quad or B&W bookshelf speaker, would anyone please recommend which one I should choose in term of quality? ( I don't care much about the price)
I like clasical & Pop, but sometime listen blue music.

Thanks very much for your help.
Quad 11L, I sold the 22ls and regret that very much, as I have not found a better speaker for all types of music yet.
I would go will the Quads. I bought the 12L's I had a pair of Paradigm Studio 40's and a audio buddy of mine had some B&W 805's and we both agreed that the Quad's are much better overall. He ended up going with the Vandersteen 2C sig's. The high end of the Quad is not harsh or bright at all. I think that I have come to the conclusion that low to mid end speakers with metal dome tweeters are not good. Even the Vandersteen's were a little bright before they broke-in. With the Paradigm's I would only listen for about an hour before I couldn't stand the brightness of high's any more. I find myself listening for 4 or more hours at a time when time permits.

I also am considering the 12L´s.

I only have 14" from the back of the speaker to the rear wall and will be listening about 6´ away.

Any comments if this would work?

Gracias y Saludos!

Thanks very much for your feedbacks, I will go for quads this weekend, personally I also prefer quads when testing. However my friend told me that B&W is better for listening classical music.
I will trust my ears and your advices

I also chose Quads over the B&Ws and Paradigm Reference 20s. I own the 21Ls myself which are 'quicker' than the 22s and go lower than the 12Ls.

Your distance off the backwall is fine for the 12Ls but would be a bit too close for the 21s. The Quads do classical music very well but they also do EVERY other type of music well too. The B&Ws only impressed me with Classical. Considering that I listen to many genres of music, the choice was easy.

The Quad's are revealing and I find they respond much better to copper Speaker Wire and Interconnects than silver. I'm using NearSota OTA Copper Speaker Wire (Bi-Wired) [It does sound better bi-wired] www.nearsota.com its good inexpensive single solid core copper that sounds great.

I really enjoyed having the Gutwire Synchrony interconnects in my system and hope to be able to purchase them shortly.

The Quads are going to tell you if anything else in your system is 'at fault' and they do need a while to break in. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me.