quad 11L amp

I am currently using a will vincent rebuilt dynaco st70 with my quad 11L monitors and it sounds very nice.

However with summer here, the heat from the st70 is not a pleasant experience after several hours of listening in my 10 x 10 av room.

Has anyone used a quad 306 amp with 11L's and if so did you like the result?

I am using a marantz 2265b as the pre with the st70 and the 65watt per channel reciever sounds okay with the quads, but not as good as the st70.Any suggestions on ss amps?

Well, I have the 11L2 Quads and have been dealing with the problem of finding a decent integrated amp to go with them. I'm just starting to build my system, so anything I get will improve upon what I have now, a RX397 Yamaha stereo amp. I've been testing tons of amps with these speakers, and I have a few favourite options.

Here are a few provisos: (1) I think you're looking for a power amp but I'm talking about integrated amps, and (2) I know the 11L2s sound different from the 11Ls, but I'll give you my opinion anyway.

This is a tough speaker to match an amp with because it is VERY revealing; good equipment and recordings sound great, but bad stuff sounds BAD.

Cambridge 840 - this was not that great; especially not for the money. It was a little lacking in clarity.

Marantz 5003 - this one was especially flat sounding, but I guess that should be expected since its a pretty cheap amplifier. It actually sounded a lot like my Yamaha; but I feel my wee Yamaha sounds better.

Audio Analogue Puccini Settanta - With this honey, I started to hear some interesting stuff. This mother was pretty darn good. The Settanta was very clear and really exciting sounding. It didn't really have any weaknesses, but you may not be into its bright sound.

Rega Brio3 - Although this is a pretty affordable amp, I really liked it. It wasn't as well balanced as the Settanta, but it had a lot of character. I can see why Rega is kinda known for its analogue-type gear; this thing sounds very warm.

Creek Evolution - Well this one was the winner for me. It produced a well balanced sound, and had a character that was not unlike the clarity of the Settanta. Although, it was not quite as exciting as the Settanta, I felt this was a good thing because you may get tired of that vibe. The price is also very attractive. Oh... it also has a headphone amp, which is super important to me; many of the others don't.