Quad 11-L Owners

I recently purchased a pair of Quad 11-L speakers. I would
like to ask owners of these, what recommendations you might have, concerning matching components with these,(integrated and cd player, ect),and what is working well for you.
Thank you very much.
I don't have the 11's but I have the 12's. And I have had very good luck with both a creek and rega intergated amps. First the 4330 creek and now the rega mira 3. Also using both the music hall cd-25 and toshiba sd-9200 with very good luck. I did notice a nice improvement when going from kimber pbj interconnects to nordost blue heavens.
Warning: I'm a quad and rogue dealer.

The 11L's are fairly sweet natured but also very detailed. They seem to work well with anything. They are definitely a speaker that benefits from refined electronics.

The best price/performance combo I have heard was the $1500 Quad 99CDP cd player direct driving the $1500 909 amplifier. You get high power and a wonderful refined midrange. The 99cdp also has 5 digital inputs for computer/home theater. See if your local dealer carries these. I don't ship Quad equipment.

Tubes mate very well with these as well. I like the Cary 300SEI at 4K, the Madisound P-220SE at 2.2K, or a rogue 88M amp and rogue 66M preamp at 3.4K. The $1500 Linn Classic (receiver with built in cd player) would likely be a great match with them.

The CJ-14L tubed pre with the MF-2200 solid state amplifier is nice too. Could have fooled me that it was all tube. I'm sure there are lots of others. It's really an easy speaker to get right so long as you stay away from harsh solid state.

I second the Music Hall above at its price point. Very nice. I've read that the creek is good but have not heard it. The new cd players have much better digital sections in them and seem to sound better than older more expensive model.
Im still waiting for mine to turn up (Have to import as cannot buy most of the things in Madrid), hence I cannot comment on my impressions of this kit but What-hifi recommend the following:

Arcam CD73T
Roksan Kandy Mk III Amp
quad 11L

This is reviewed as one of the best sounding systems that you can buy at this price point with the arcam getting cd player of the year and the roksan winning a group test of amps up to 750 pounds.

To get the best out of your speakers use partington superdreadnugh speaker stands and bi-wire with qed silver aniversary bi-wire cable.

Get some decent interconnects too like merlin Chopin.

For the record the cables and stands have also won awards for quality.

Cant wait to get mine !
I'm looking for 4 of those loudspeakers as second hand...
thoses or the Quad 12L, bigger...
or :
- Diapason Micra III or Prelude III (bigger)
- Castle Trent II
The use is for homecinema.
I've got an Harman Kardon AVR3000 ampli HC.
What do you think of it with thoses speakers ?