Qobuz vs.Idagio

I suppose only classical listeners will be interested in this, but I’ve found that the SQ of Idagio in normal resolution to be superior to hi-res streaming on Qobuz. I believe it’s fuller and with better bass response.  I’ve suspected this for a while and now I’m convinced of it. 
Anyone else find this to be so, or am I the only one?


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I enjoy the fidelity I get via Idagio a heck of a lot. At its best, Qobuz can still give me better resolution, imaging and tonal quality than Idagio, especially when my machinery majesterially grants me hi-rez (maybe 50% of the time), but the Idagians do possess a damnably fine bunch of ears. They're superb dial-twiddlers, that's for sure.

How's the Idagio catalogue?

It’s got a very comprehensive classical music catalog and fantastic search engines.

Catalogue is better than the late, lamented Primephonic. Opera is still not to snuff (probably because all the space it occupies and the size of the audience), but I have a heck of a lot of fun going to, say, a Beethoven Middle Period Quartet, and choosing from a veritable cornucopia of performances to click on. The website operates briskly and accurately.


Oh yeah, one other slight problem. My Firefox refuses to insert an Idagio icon on its home page. I have to do a search for Idagio if I want to access it. Of course, after tapping in an "I", a "D" and an "A", Firefox figures it out.

Primephonic has merged with Apple Music...


Yeah, I dutifully tried to track 'em down at their new home, but I don't possess any apple hardware or software, and I quickly found that Idagio might even be better. So long, Primephonic. Been good to know ya.