Qobuz Users Update?

the service in the USA has been out a few months now. initial posters on this site commented on good sound quality in hi rez but a limited catalogue. I listen mostly to Jazz and Classical. Would anyone who has been a user from the get go please comment on your experience? I've been a Tidal guy for years and am fairly satisfied. Thanks to anyone taking the time to comment
At home in a serious listening set up, with wired ISP, Qobuz will sound better than MQA. If you use cellular (on the road). you will have Qobuz drop out, MQA will sound better since the bit rate is lower. I have student discount on Tidal at 1/2 of the price of Qobuz. Also I have the dream of Oppo 205 which has a MQA decoder build in. I will say, MQA sounds better for me. Still, a lot of classical record in is in 44.1Hz/16bits. So Tidal Hifi is right there.

As I reported earlier, I’ve experienced zero dropouts with Qobuz or Tidal from my cellular service (Verizon). If you’re experiencing drop outs that’s probably due to limited bandwidth or coverage of your cellular provider. It wouldn’t be wise to make ‘absolute’ statements like “you will have Qobuz drop out” 😉

I can understand your somewhat ‘biased’ preference for Tidal (half price subscription). I don’t want to get into any MQA debate here, please continue to enjoy your favorite tunes on Tidal.
The cellar signal has weak zone or sometime dead zone. Qobuz and Tidal both will detect limited bandwith and reduce bits rate. As for Tidal, bit rate for Hifi and MQA are the same, so if you have smooth streaming under Hifi, you will have steady streaming for MQA. Qobuz bits rate depand on the material. Some are 44.1/16, some are 88/24, 96/24 some are even 192/24. So depend on your ISP bandwith. The streaming quality will be varied.
Recommendations:  i’m Consistently encountering log in requests for Qobuz and dropped connections using my Lumin app.  If using the Linn Kazzo app I get a message Qobuz temporarily unavailable.  I have no problem streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.  to my tv using the same router and internet service provider.  I have requested assistance from both Lumin and Qobuz without resolution.  Appreciate any membership guidance.  Thank you.
I'm also having a Lumin app and Qobuz issue. I can't get my favorite albums to appear by artist alphabetically; only as newest entered. This is not a problem on Tidal with the Lumin app. I hope it's a bug fix they can solve.