Qobuz Users Update?

the service in the USA has been out a few months now. initial posters on this site commented on good sound quality in hi rez but a limited catalogue. I listen mostly to Jazz and Classical. Would anyone who has been a user from the get go please comment on your experience? I've been a Tidal guy for years and am fairly satisfied. Thanks to anyone taking the time to comment
I use Ethernet and therefore no stability issues, nor did I mention any in my last post.  I am simply talking about comparing the sound directly, into the same input of my DAC, using the Bluesound Node as a player, of how one recording sounded when replayed from Qobuz vs my NAS.  I guess I could compare a few other recordings, but I am pretty time crunched at the moment.
  One variable may be the the Qobuz-Bluesound handoff.  Are others using Bluesound to play Qobuz?
I know @lowrider57 streams Qobuz from a Bluesound perhaps he will chime in.
When you use your cellular phone to streming Tidal and Qobuz, you want to make sure it is streaming at least Tidal MQA and 96khz/24bit. Some cell company will cap the streaming rate. many times, the iphone will streaming at lower bits rate and listener thought it is streaming at hiRes. During travling, you can't tell MP3, MQA or 96k/24bit. You will need a quiet listening room and good equiptment to listen to HiRes
Mahler, that's a tough one to answer. You're totally wired except for the Android which is the controller.
  Could it be how the music was digitized to your drive vs. the digitized track on Qobuz? I've been wondering if there could be any compression added by Tidal or Qobuz when I hear a difference in the same song. 

 you are asking the key question ...do Qobuz and perhaps Tidal introduce low levels of compression even in their premium services?  Btw, I rip my files to my NAS with dbpoweramp, using an Apple Optical Drive and the aforementioned MacAir, and rip and store in FLAC
  it would be great to see one of the Audiomags, such as Stereophile or Hi Fi News, or someone on this Forum, could measure the streams and compare to CD rips to answer the question