Qobuz Users Update?

the service in the USA has been out a few months now. initial posters on this site commented on good sound quality in hi rez but a limited catalogue. I listen mostly to Jazz and Classical. Would anyone who has been a user from the get go please comment on your experience? I've been a Tidal guy for years and am fairly satisfied. Thanks to anyone taking the time to comment
Using Qobuz, the Lang Lane album “The Mozart” Album (in favorites) has no content.   I added this album to my Qobuz favorites several weeks ago and all content was displayed perfectly until today.  

What happen to its content?   I deleted the Lang Lang album and re-added it.  The missing content was returned.   I emailed Qobuz and asked why is this happening?  

I am using my Aurender N10 server and the Aurender Conductor App to access Qobuz.

Anyone else having this problem?

I think there are still a few bugs in the Quobuz app. I know the Android app is giving me some issues.
i have Qobuz and Tidal. Like SQ of Qobuz. Tidal MQA SQ is next. However, On the road, my my cell phone cant keep up speed with Qobuz, sound freq drop out. Tidal MQA is still good. Also I have a student discount with cut Tidal to $10/MONTH . So I am now with Tidal.
SQ wise, if i give SACD 10/10, Qobuz will be 8/10, Tidal MQA 7/10, Tidal HIFI/CD 5/10.
It's a mistake to 'label' and pronounce general / overall SQ differences between Tidal and Qobuz, etc.

The differences heard, though fully valid for the individual / their system, are dependant on factors other than the services being evaluated and are fraught with problems when proclaimed as prescriptive / definitive.
David T I'd agree with your comments. I'm getting a Lumin device and will be able to try Qobuz and hear Tidal MQA for the first time. I figured both services would have competitive sound quality, so the catalogues of each would be the determining factor for me.