Qobuz through the Marantz CD6006

Hi, I'm new to Audiogon. What a cool place!

So, my question is:

I am streaming Qobuz through an IPhone 6 into a Marantz CD6006 CD player via USB. Am I getting the full benefit of the Marantz's DAC by using the USB input? Is the Marantz actually upgrading the resolution that's coming from the rather limited IPhone 6? 

My ears say yes, but that could be a placebo effect. 

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Streaming only sounds best on a dedicated streamer.  You could set up a Ras Pi3 that would USB Qobuz for $50.
And a LOT of work.
As long as you are streaming from a phone or computer whatever sounds better to you is.....One thing for sure, DACs can not increase incoming resolution.  No how.
Hey Fuzztone, thanks for your reply. Question answered!
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Thanks for this replay it's helpful Upsers.com
I don’t know anything about the Marantz, but if you have connected the phone via usb then you are probably bypassing the phones own internal DAC and using the DAC of the Marantz.  Odds are significant that the Marantz DAC is of higher quality than the Apple DAC and that you will notice a significant improvement 

I agree with mahler, if you are bypassing the Apple DAC.
Thank you Mahler and mesch. Hey Mahler, by the looks of your username, you obviously listen to orchestral. This is off-topic, but since I'm the OP, I will ask the question. What do you think are the best speakers under $1500 for listening to orchestral recordings, particularly large scale Mahler/Bruckner type stuff?
Thank q for the post .very helpful. keep continue sharing

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I guess I missed the OP follow up question.  I am not sure if he still uses the site, perhaps he will get this in his email feed.
  Speakers depend on many factors.  Room size and synergy with other components, whether a subwoofer will be used, and others.  Perhaps the OP found his way to the Speaker Forum.
mahler123 I've learned a ton since this newbie post and after some audition trials, settled on a pair of Kef 104/2's. They'll be paired with a McIntosh C27 Preamp and MC2200 Amp, U-Turn Turntable, and the Marantz CD Player described earlier. Source components will be the next upgrade down the road.