Qobuz sounds better VIA USB vs Ethernet Direct from Gateway, Why?

Hi, thanks for reading!
I'm trying to understand something and I have a question. When listening to Qobuz through my PC connected to my Cambridge AZURE 851N via USB, the sound quality is better than when listening through my Android with the Streammagic App, which is a direct Ethernet connection to the Cambridge. I mean my PC is connected to my gateway and then sent via USB to the Cambridge, the Streammagic App is direct from the Gateway via Ethernet, so I just don't understand why the PC rout sounds better?? Everything is the exact same CAT7 Ethernet cabling, what might be going on here? I would prefer the Streammagic App as my phone then works as a nice remote control, much better than being tied down to a PC.

Thanks much, maybe there is something I can do to achieve the same SQ with a direct Ethernet connection - Help Please!

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The only conclusion is in this case that all the other differences determine the sound quality more than the connection type does.

There are always many factors that go into the resulting sound. People often obsess or focus on one thing (like fuses for example) for whatever reason even though that factor may be quite insignificant compared to others.