Qobuz on Bluesound in the U.S.?

I just began my trial subscription to Qobuz, and am wondering if any Bluesound users in the United States know if the streaming service can be used on Bluesound devices at present. (I know it works in a number of countries in Europe, of course.)
Thanks very much.
-- Howard

Yes, I am using it as I write.
Thanks, Bob. How is it sounding? 
Very good.
My Bluesound app seems to have some gliches.
Spotify, Deezer and now Quobuz have issues of skipping tracks.
Bluesound is trying to find the issue, but it seems to be something beyond their capabilities.
Anyone having trouble registering besides me?
Bob, et al.,
I was also approved to join the Qobuz Beta and have unanswered questions that you might be able to shed some light on...

I’m interested in the highest quality offering; however, there website still shows British pounds and not USD. Are you paying the £299 and whatever that converts to USD? Will they reduce the contract cost once the product is generally available in the US?

How will that impact your music licenses once the product is generally released?
Quick update:
The Qobuz site is not correctly integrating with Paypal payment and dumps the cart before Paypal can transact a Studio month-to-month subscription. That means a subscription is not being purchased. I tried a half dozen times and am unable to move forward. Anyone see this issue before and if so, what did you do to resolve it?
I had lots of trouble registering.  I finally created another email address and was able to register through that.  The tab on the Bluesound app also worked