Just curious on some impressions on this music service. I am really digging the sound quality especially on 24/96 tracks. Better detail and separation than I ever remember from Tidal. Against Spotify which I currently have it's no contest even over bluetooth in my truck. 
You can get a month free trial so I am encouraging all you fellow streaming audio nerds to give it a try. 
No issues with Qobuz streaming on my Aurender server or my iPhone. I listened to Qobuz over Bluetooth in my truck, no drops. The Qobuz app is well laid out and makes it a breeze to find the music. 
@dougsat  how did you get a 2nd 30 day trial period?
That's easy.
Just use a different email address to sign up with.

I have had no problems streaming Qobuz via my iPhone. I do like the format and the new release section. Easy to use to me and the sound quality is wonderful.

I highly recommend Qobuz.

Relax and take some time to listen to the sound quality and how to best use the interface. 

For the price of one live concert ticket, you get millions of songs to listen to and artists to discover.

David Pritchard

I tried to sign up for the new rate, but things got screwed up.
Not only was my previous subscription cancelled, but I ended up on a monthly plan-nor was my previous subscription credited towards the new subscription.
I opened a ticket. Hopefully, they will come through.
Sksos -

“How did I get the 2nd 30 day trial” ?

I signed up for it when the  new pricing was announced.
I may have used a different email, if so it wasn’t intentional.