Who is using g Qobuz and how are you finding it? Thank you.

The comparison was made between identical files of same resolution between Tidal and Qobuz, i.e. Tidal MQA 24/96kHz and Qobuz 24/96kHz. And Qobuz files sounded fuller and natural in comparison. 

The point i was trying to make is with Qobuz streaming upto 24/192kHz resolution, one doesn’t have to rely on a external MQA decoder. As is there are very fewer MQA compatiable DAC’s currently available. In contrast, most modern DAC’s regardless of price point are now capable of decoding resolution upto 24/192kHz and beyond. 


I believe the beta trial limits the access to 24/96kHz resolution files only. I don’t use Roon so you may be prevue to something I couldn’t see through my Aurender Conductor app during the trial. 

I am just glad that we have options on how we stream our favorite tunes. Qobuz is a keeper for me, bye bye $14-25 high resolution downloads from HDTracks. 


In the beta version, so far I've found at least several dozen 24/192 albums in the pop and jazz genres. (I have not checked out Classical.)  The Qobuz and Tidal search functions to find them are similarly unwieldy.  Roon's search engine does a better job of compiling and displaying all available versions of a particular artist or title.  I compared Norah Jones Come Away With Me, streaming Qobuz at 24/192, to the HD Tracks 24/192 download.  The stream actually sounded slightly better.     

I’m running both Tidal and Qobuz via Roon and preferring Qobuz more generally. UI is irrelevant due to Roon. I am finding more high res pop and rock titles with Qobuz, and both have gaps, nice to use both. Not sure whether I’ll pick one or just keep both.
I just joined closed beta this week.  Looking forward to canceling my relationship with Jay Z.  Qobuz hires blows away my standard tidal.  I’m running tidal and Qobuz through aurender n10. 
I'm still a free beta Qobuz user, but it integrates so well with Roon and the 96/24 sounds so good I'm sure to be a subscriber.  I plan to keep Tidal as well.