Who is using g Qobuz and how are you finding it? Thank you.
I got the Beta email signed up and was also turned down. I guess I have to wait but it sounds very promising from what you Beta users are posting!
nycjlee, when you wrote that when you tried streaming Tidal and Qobuz directly to the Ayre QX-5/20 via ethernet the results were the same did you mean the sound quality was the same or that the preference for Qobuz that you observed in the previous paragraph were the same?

I steam Tidal to a QX-5/20 via ethernet using Roon.  
@jond .
Now I don't feel so bad...😩
Ok it wasn't annoying at all to get another Beta Tester email from Qobuz today try signing up and get wait listed again!
They emailed me yesterday and I am now enjoying a month's free listening.
Sounds pretty good so far.

I opened up Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Reissue and heard things I didn't know were on the album.
Those guys were really pushing it to the limit.