Qns on Ayre AX-7e Int Amp


May i know what Is labelled at the back of your ayre ax-7e evolution int amp? Is it just "AX-7 Integrated Amp" without the "e"?

How do you different between the ax-7 and ax-7e?

Thank you
The left front side of my Ayre AX-7e integrated amplifier states it is the Evolution model. Unfortunately, it is too difficult for me to look at the back panel (too many wires to pull). If needed, I suggest you call Ayre and ask them. Many people believe the AX-7e sounds better when using balanced connections (XLR) instead of unbalanced ones (RCA).

The article below describes the differences between the AX-7 and the AX-7e amplifers.


appreciate your reply, i tried searching for pictures of the ax7-e online but cannot find one which states evoluation model at the front left panel as mebtioned by you. do u have a picture link?

thank you
please see Ayre AX-7emages below:





You can also Google on Ayre AX-7e images
see review of the Ayre AX-7e integrated amplifier from Audiogon:


I hope all of the above helps. Ayre customer service is excellent and I suggest you call them for more information, as needed.
All evolution models have the word "evolution" written in gold lettering under the Ayre logo on the front panel. That is the foolproof way of knowing which model you have.

If you are still uncertain, the first letter of the serial number indicates the production version of the amp, so if you call Ayre and give them your serial number, they can confirm to you what you have.
Thanks for all the info. I'm not from USA so it is not possible for me to call ayre directly. I tried to email them but can't find any email address on their site. Anyone has ayre email that they can share with me?

Thanks in advance.
Wyred : Unfortunately, Ayre Acoustics does not list an email address on their web site. They prefer to use the phone for customer service. I suggest you call them at 1.303.442.7300 x223. See


If you cannot call Ayre Acoustics, you could mail them and ask your question. I am a little confused since both Countingbackwards and I have explained how to identify an "evolution" model of the Ayre AX-7e. In my opinion, if you are going to buy the AX-7 amp, you should buy the "evolution" AX-7e model since it is much better sounding than the older AX-7 version.

As noted above, all evolution AX-7e models have the word "evolution" written in gold lettering under the Ayre logo on the front front panel. I checked my AX-7e and it does have the words "evolution " on the left front side of the amplifier as described above by Countingbackwards.
If you believe that the amplifier of interest is an Ayre AX-7E but it does not show the faint gold "Evolution" label on the front panel, then it is still possible that your unit is an "E" version that has been upgraded from an AX-7. To its credit, Ayre Acoustics offered this upgrade at nominal costs to existing owners. As a result, there are likely quite a few of these units around, and they should be equivalent to the units shipped originally as AX-7E's.

As stated above, a call to Ayre tech support with the serial number of your unit will give you a definitive answer. Optionally contact an Ayre distributor in your country and he might be able to assist you.
Wyred: As Sandstone suggested above you could contact the Ayre distributor in Singapore. As Sandstone posted above, it is possible the unit you are looking at was converted from a AX-7 to a AX-7e model. This Distributor should be able to answer your question on the AX-7 or the AX-7e amplifier. If not, ask them to call Ayre in the United States.

For info on Ayre Singaporian Dealers or for information on where to audition Ayre products in Singapore please contact:

Norman Audio Pte. Ltd.
Ivan Cheng
No. 1 , Coleman Street
#04-45 The Adelphi
Tel: +65.6339.8286
Fax: +65.6339.7057
I can't emphasis the fact enough that all Ayre equipment is balanced and should be used with the XLR jacks.
Hgeifman, Sandstone, Stringreen and Countingbackwards: thank you for all the valuable inputs.

On my unit, at the back there is just ax-7 series, on the front - gold colored "Evoliution" just bellow Ayre logo.
" the first letter of the serial number indicates the production version of the amp"
Yes, but upgraded units will also have the letter of the iteration added to the end of the serial number. Sorry, I am uncertain what letter indicates the change to "evolution". So, "evolution" lettering under the Ayre logo is the easiest way to know but a call to the factory (or distributor if you're not from US), with the serial number will confirm whether the unit is "evolution" upgraded.