Qinpu A-6000 vs Nad

I have owned HK,Phillips,Sherwood Models, I remember my Onkyo tx4500,A beautiful receiver loved the tuner, Nad, I had a 3080 If I remember right it was powerful, sold to my brother he had to have it along with my Denon table I still miss that table had a connisseur arm ( I cant spell) and a grado. Have been limping along with a nad 7130 did not know it but I was.. Felt like a change Had heard tube amps like Cary,Macintosh but never had that kind of money. So I picked up the Qinpu read a few reviews I thought no way it sounds better then a nad. It arrived heavy beautiful like an art piece the lavender and orange glow of the tubes and wood knob panel. So with my grado phones I listened, closed my eyes Ahhh theyre you are the staging was there the vocals, harmonics, string bass opened up it got deeper and more dimensional. Put on an old Dave Gruisin disc man the piano went from a stand up piano sound on the nad to a Steinway grand what an amp it drives my speakers, RA labs like champs. It is so fun to enjoy a piece of equipment again, getting out disc's and experiencing them all over again. For the $ spent it is like a mistake was made. The musical gift this amp gives I now appreciate daily, it now sits on top of my Nad. Do not be afraid to try one but you may be sitting a Qinpu on top of something you thought could never happen as I did..
I just got one this week from AA. What a great sounding piece. I highly recommend it. I concurr with your assessment of the Qinpu. Driving Cambridge Audio S-30 monitors and am very happy.