Qinpu A 1.0x receiver? Why a break in period?

It seems to be getting great reviews-anyone have one?
Also I'm new at this , why do these need x hours to "warm up so to speak"? Is it like the old days with cars eg breaking in the engine?
Thanks WAyne
I bought the Qinpu A 1.0x integrated amp new over a year ago and after turning it on and giving it a listen I was ready to send it back. I decided to give it a chance, leave it on all night and give it a listen the next day; well there was a significant sonic improvement the next day and I was very impressed. I leave the unit on all the time and usually have tuner music going through it at night with the volume turned all the way down. The amp really is a sleeper as far as integrated amps go; I would have to say it is one the best integrated amps I have come across; for a cheap amp it has a very refined sound; the midrange has a tube-like quality to it; the bottom end goes quite deep and imaging is really superb. The key though is to leave the unit on all the time.