QED Qunex 3 interconnects

I am looking at the Qunex 3 versus the Qunex Silver Spirals, the source is a VPI Scout and the Amp is the Musical Fidelity X 150.
The Loop resistance is .1 versus .033, Parallel Capacitance is 133 versus 272.9, Loop Inductance is .60 versus .16, Dissapation factor .008 versus .0012
What does all this mean? Are there better alternatives for under $250.00
i have used the qed line for awhile now,q1,q2,silver spiral might be alittle bright with the mf,alot of cable for the dollar though.good luck.
Since you are analog, and I am analog, I heartily recommend Oritek X-2 interconnects(actually they are good with digital-but we are talking music here.). Just because I said it lightly, doesn't mean that it isn't a very heavy-duty recommendation.