Q's to ones can read Electronics Specs.

Hi all,
***Please be patient and read all.***
I have Qs to many of those that can well read and understand electronics specs. and to apply it to this interesting audio hobby. I have a power conditioner www.PowerVar.com model ABC1200-11, and with its specs linked below what’s your first impression?

1/ Can we determent its value and performance for high end audio by just following its specs?
2/ Does this ABC1200 have what it takes to suit in high-end audio industry like Shunyata, Furutech, etc?
3/ Is it correct that 246 BTU/hr equivalents to a 72w/hr light bulb? (see link below)
4/ Is 246 BTU rated as when idling (with nothing plugged-in) or fully running?
5/ It has a huge & heavy 8-in toiroid transformer which draws a tremendous of current when first initial power-up. It very oftens switched off my house breaker. I don’t like that but is that a good thing because the unit has high potential to even out (balance out) to keep the power steadily at 120v?
6/Power measured from wall outlet, 120.4v , but 122.6v from its AC outlet. Is this a good thing for components?
7/ Would you get one for your $10K audio system?

***Spec for ABC1200-11:

*** I have tested it side by side with Richard Gray 400, and I’m very impressed with what it is offering. Not so warm and full like RG, but it’s detailed and smooth; it shifts a bit to hi-fi sound but I favor it better going straight from the wall. For the price going on right now, it’s a no brainer…
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1. This is an isolation transformer for AC, not signals. Among it's purposes is to filter any frequencies beyond 60Hz, the opposite of "high end". The spec that matters is VA, which should be matched to combined amp draw of the components plugged into it (and multiply by a safety factor of 2). 1440 VA (12A) should be enough to power integrated amp and CDP/turntable. Might be restrictive on 150+ watt amps.

2. "what it takes" ... being the ability to separate consumers from their money? Furutech and Shunyata do not have isolation transformers. Torus would be more similar. BPT and Equi=tech take it another step being "center-tapped".

3. Yes... 3.41 X watts. 80% eff. @ idle sounds normal.

4. Just about the same. Idling current can actually be more than with minimum draw.

5. Technical term for that is "exciting current". Similar to electric motor start. Leave it on. This does not regulate AC (maintain voltage), that would require a ferroresonant transformer (Sola, Stabiline), regeneration (PS Audio), or tap-switching (stepped wave).

6. Wouldn't hurt. More volts = less amps.

7. Why not. Personally, my options are much wider than plug 'n play and spent much less (creatively) for a 50K system using industrial transformers that definitely aren't "high end" but do the job.
Upgrade all you outlets and power cables to those that are 'medical/hospital' grade.