Q- is Columbia CS 6 eye better press than 200 gr


I'm looking for the best possible quality of jazz LP recordings like
Kind of Blue
Walse Derby
Blues Orbit, and others

What is your experience, with the Columbia 6-eye stereo LP
Vs any of the 180/200 gr re-issues copies
Q- Any perticular labels better than others for superior Vinyl.
TT is top Class A

The 6-eye Columbias are, generally speaking, the best you are going to get. I suspect that it is a matter of the master tape degrading over time (which is why Sony and Philips developed DSD to archive recordings in the first place).

The "Kind of Blue" on 6-eye is pressed at a slightly wrong speed. I like the mono mix of this recording myself. I've only compared my "Blues in Orbit" 6-eye to the SACD release, not to any other pressing; the LP is a winner. Another good example of the superiority of the 6-eye release is Brubeck's "Take Five."