Q How to Universal Remote with Musical Fidelity?

Hello guys,

I need to replace my Musical fidelity A5 CD remote with a universal one... How do I do that without the original remote (which was broken). I do not want to spend £120 for a MF one!

The Logitech Harmony universal remotes should do it for you. According to their device database they do support the Musical Fidelity A5 CD player, meaning you would buy one of their remotes, connect it to your computer with a mini USB cable and download the commands to the remote.

You can buy dozens of models of their remotes, from around $20 US for a simple refurbished one that supports three devices to hundreds of dollars for the touch screen models that will control your entire household, including pets and small children. For the usual CD functions, any of them should do. I have a model 300, no longer made, that I paid $15 for refurbished and works perfectly well to control a TV, DVD player and integrated amplifier.

Be prepared for a bit of work to navigate their site and don't bother trying to do it on a Mac. They claim compatibility with Firefox and Safari on the Mac but I've been unable to make either of them work properly. Internet Explorer on a PC works fine after you've downloaded the Microsoft Silverlight and Harmony plugins.
I have also had luck with a Logitech Harmony for my Musical Fidelity kW preamp.