Python Alpha versus VH Audio AirSine

Has anyone compared these two powercords. What are the differences? I am talking about the non helix version of the Python.

I am need of one more really good powercord to be a supply cable to my Ultimate Outlet from the wall. Thanks in advance.

Given the two cables you mention, i would opt for the Airsine. As a matter of fact, the Airsine is right up there with the Python helix cable. Either choice would be great for you, although I feel the PS Audio ultimate outlet would be a very weak link with such capable power cables.
Jalapenos what would you suggest for conditioning? I am adding powercables as I can and then working on up.
I'm just not a fan of PS Audio power products. I owned several of their UO and have replaced them with Shunyata Hydras to great effect. Just my opinion though!
I agree with Jalapenos, dump the PS Audio Ultmate outlet. Instead, get an Oyaide R1 (cryoed) outlet to put in the wall.
Yoby then I don't have any surge protection but I see your point.

What is it about the UO you guys don't like? I used to have a Hydra 2 and sold it. Overall I did not like what it did in my system. Maybe I didn't have the right supply cord?
It appears Yoby might be confusing the UO with an in-wall duplex outlet...but he is right on the money recommending oyaide.

the hydra is designed for high current loads, did you have an amplifier connected to it? an appropriate supply cable almost doubles the sonic benefit of a hydra. perhaps you could give the hydra another try along with a python helix or airsine?
I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a cable to connect to a $300 PS Audio UO. I would, as others recommended, get a R-1 Oyaide BUT also the WPC-Z outlet cover. It makes a huge difference than an R-1 only. Start there and listen w and w/o the UA connected. I found the Oyaide upstream made things better downstream. I think the UA will help still. It has filtering inside.

PS Audio UO do more harm than good when it comes to system sound, IMO. You're better off going straight to the wall.

Look at the Environmental Potentials EP-2050 whole house surge and filtration system. $650, plus the cost of installation by your electrician.
I had an AirSine with rhodium plugs supplying my Running Springs Audio Danielle power conditioner, and I have to say I was not that impressed. I replaced it with a custom cable from DCCA Audio which was way cheaper and sounded much better! I haven't heard the Python. Any reason you've narrowed your choices to those two cables?

As indicated above, the outlet needs to be changed first but the Airsine is as good as the Python Helix imo.
I have had the UO for about 3 years because of protection and some filtering. I used it on the front end. Also it always seemed to get good reviews so I figured it offered protection and filtering for not alot of money.

I was using the Hydra on my amp only when I had it. A Taipan Alpha supplied it. It was a good cord but after time I felt like this combo did not sound natural. I plugged the amp directly to the wall and liked it better. The Hydra combo gave a certain tone to the music which grew tiresome over time. That is why I sold it. Maybe I should have tried another cord or better one? My amp is a VK-200.

I am also looking at getting a dedicated line. Any suggestions on what wire to use that is cost effective and performs well? And yes I will need an outlet like what is mentioned above or similiar. I am thinking maybe when I get the dedicated line then I will not need a conditioner. What do you think?
I had a Python Helix and sold it. I liked it but overall it pushed the soundstage back too far for my tastes. Another friend of mine said the same thing about it. I didn't know how the Python Alpha would compare?
I am going to add a dedicated line in the near future and run the amp to it. I am running the amp straight to the wall now. The UO is running the front end and it seems that alot of you here don't think to favorably of it. Would a power conditioner like a Audio Magic work well on the front end or please give me some suggestions. I want passive not active.