Pyramid T9 Ribbon Speakers

Designed by Dick Sequerra I don't know anything about these . I hooked them up and they sound great. Any info would be helpful .Thank you Ken
I have a pair.They are great.Get yourself 10 spare ribbons from Sequerra.Their power limit is 25 watts.
Hi. If they are the ribbon tweeters that I think they are, they were very high end. A small box, slightly trapozoid type shape. Very heavy rare earth magnets.
I am pretty sure that they were used in The Mark Levinson stacked Quads/Decca London super system.
A friend of mine had some here in Perth, Western Australia in his Magnapan Tympani system. They were awesome.
There were several different models, I think that the T-9 was part of the MET 7 system and the T-1 was the original model. In my muddled mind there was a T-3 as well. The T-1s are a nice adjunct to the Quad 57s. Levinson used to sell the HQD system with Hartley 24" woofers, the Quad 57s, and the precursor to the T-1, the Decca ribbons.
Viridian is right. I used two pairs of T-3s on top of my Quad 63s. Don't remember what I powered them with. They were excellent tweeters. Found only better ones, in the sense of faster,purer, when I settled for the aCapella plasmas at much more cost.